Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two new poems

I wrote on the last page of my journal last night. That's always a really big moment for me. Some people look back at the start of a new year, sometimes on their birthdays, this is that time for me. It's such an amazing and humbling moment to turn and look back at this precious journey that I am on with my Beautiful God. To see how far He's brought me and what He's taught me. To see all my mistakes that He has forgiven and blessed me inspite of. To see how He turned things around. It's so wonderful. We truly serve and awesome and gracious God! Following are the final two poems to be "extracted" from the pages of my journal before I put it away and start again. It's funny how bittersweet this is; after all, it's only a book of paper, but it has come to mean so much more than that to me. Oh the gifts God gives us! Enjoy.....
I Thought I Loved You

I thought I loved You
I thought I knew You
I thought I believed You
‘Til now.

The trials and pain
The sorrows and strain
Changed everything in me

I saw Your face
Your beauty and grace
As I walked through battles
With You.

You took my tears
My hopes and my fears
To show me all that
You could do.

And now here I am
In the palm of Your hand
In reverence and worship
I bow.

I can’t help but sing
Lord Jesus, my King
If ever I loved thee
‘Tis now!

Stephanie M. Frakes
(December 13, 2008)
Teach Me to Be

And I’ll be everything
I can’t see
Right now

And I’ll do everything
I never knew
I could

For I believe
You are everything
You say You are

And You can do
Everything You
Said You could

And I believe I am
Who You say I am
I AM, I can do everything
through You

And You’re alive
And active in me, My God
And You’ll work in me
‘Til You’re through

So Lord, if You can raise the dead
Raise the dead in me
Take my heart and set me
Set me free
Teach me to fly
Teach me to soar, oh Lord
And so much more

But more than anything
Teach me to be

Stephanie M. Frakes
(January 3, 2009)