Monday, March 18, 2013

A Whisper for the Weak - Beloved Before the First Step

Live for today.  Hear the whisper again and feel the assurance: you are My Beloved.  Don't take a step until you've heard it, felt it deep.  You are My Beloved and you always will be.  Before you do anything, I love you.  Be faithful today.  Be full of the kind of faith that trusts enough to walk one step at a time and gathers manna, relishing the "what is it"s.

The way she said it rings in my ears.  It came in response to my anguished question, a question too big for me, too big for now, about this life I'm trying so hard to live daily... "What IS it?!"  Her laughter, an upside-down kind of laughter, one of joyful surrender, it rang warm.  "That is manna. You just said manna!"  And I feel pressed for time as I try to clothe it all in words.  I'm about to be swept into the swift current of the day, but right now I'm thinking about manna, listening for the Whisper.  I forget my need sometimes, or I just get it wrong.  I don't need the answer... I need the mystery.  "What is it?" sustains because He whispers that I am His Beloved (And what a mystery it is!  God loves me?!).  Sovereign God, has chosen it to be so.  When I give up the clawing for the answer, I find that the mystery - that which God always, faithfully provides out of His love, the manna - it sustains.  And I don't know how or why, but I am filled.  Beloved before the first step.  If I have nothing else, it is enough.

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