Friday, November 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Fly


"If I cannot fly, teach me to sing."

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was walking out of her office after our last voice lesson before the next round of auditions.  right before I stepped out the door I turned to face her, tears in my eyes, and confessed my deep fear that I would fail again, like I had the year before.  She looked me in the eye and said something that changed my life view forever.

You have a choice to make.  Nerves?  They're like standing at the edge of a cliff and you have a choice.  You can stand there, wondering and fearing.  Or you can take a running leap off and see what happens.  I can tell you... when you take that leap?  That's when you rise on wings like eagles.

Right there, I decided to be a cliff jumper.  For the rest of my days.  I would be a cliff jumper.   And every time I have learned that to wait on the edge of the cliff in fear is like putting yourself in prison and locking the door.  Like a bird caging herself.  It is only when you take that running leap that you can fly.


Read Emily Freeman's own version of cliff jumping on her blog today.  All about deciding to stop letting the fear of this might not work control your life.  Yeah.  From those all-state choir auditions in high school to that switching of career paths in college to hopping on a plane to China to saying yes when she asked me if I wanted to meet this guy (that was seven months ago... he sent me flowers yesterday).  Jumping off the cliff and risking the fact that this might not work is totally worth it.  Because God is good and flying?  It's not as much about rising on wings with eagles as it is about being lifted and held by His hands.


Chelsea said...

I just posted my Five Minute Friday after yours and wanted to thank you for your encouragement. May we all be willing to take risks and jump when the Lord calls us to jump. Have a wonderful weekend! said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!
And thanks for this beautiful reminder on taking the plunge- so true!

Richelle Wright said...

lovely, encouraging and challenging words!