Friday, March 4, 2011

My Sweetest Dream

My Sweetest Dream
I don’t know what to do with all of this.
There are moments
When it all just seems right,
And everything fits.
But when that dazzling sunset’s over
Bringing an end to all that bliss
And the sense of empowerment
That comes with it
These shadows of a vision
Scare me.
And I feel weak.
And the enemy
Makes nightmares
Of my dreams.
And Hope seems
To fade.
And I can’t see any way
To believe.
The darkness haunts me,
And all that I can do
Is wait.
How long, oh Lord,
Must I wait?
Wait for another sunrise?
Wait for Hope to be revived?
Do You even hear my cries?
Begging for a way
To release all that stirs inside
This passionate heart of mine.
Oh, but it’s not mine, is it?
It’s Yours.
I’m all Yours.
Past, future, present
Dreams, will, and vision
It isn’t
At all what it seems.
You love me.
You hear me.
Though I may feel confined
Soon I’ll find
As I wait for morning’s light
Your grace is sufficient
For me.
Your forever love
Is my greatest destiny.
And You, my Love,
Are my sweetest dream.
Stephanie M. Frakes
(December 30, 2010)


andrea said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!! it captures soo much fear and pain.. And then springs back with reviving faith!! I love it!! :D

Bryn Elizabeth Stonehouse said...