Thursday, October 25, 2012

Walking Psalm - The overflow of life

I don't like seeing videos of myself, but this poem is the first I have ever written that needed to be heard, not just read.  It is a simple overflow of my current place in life spiritually, emotionally, mentally.  Enjoy!

Walking Psalm

There are only wisps of clouds in the sky
Just enough to remind me
That we all need rain to grow
The moon is white
Enough to remind me
That the stars come out only at night
But for now, the sky is blue
The sun is warm
And Your faithfulness
And Your grace
Are at the forefront
In these moments between the storms
And everywhere my eyes fall
I see a thousand gifts
Gifts for my heart to grasp
Even if my mind cannot
You.  Are.  Good.
And if there was nothing else given to me
Let my spirit say
It is enough.
For today, if not for tomorrow
It.  Is.  Enough.
Because light or dark
Whispers or shouts
You are here and You are more
Than what my life's about
You.  Are.  My Life.
And every day two hundred little lives touch mine
With joy and eagerness and innocence
And I realize
Sun shine or rain fall
I have so much more than I deserve
A thousand reasons
To live and to sing and to worship
And to give You the glory and the thanks
That You deserve
For You are full of grace and
You.  Are.  Good.

Stephanie M. Frakes
(October 25, 2012)

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