Saturday, October 3, 2015

31 Days of Open Grace - Day 3

We sit around the table sipping wine and talking with jazz music playing in the background. Everything has changed. Engagement rings and wedding invitations and baby announcements and new homes. The connection is different tonight than it has ever been. And it is Good. It has taken me years to be able to say that... to call change good. Because change comes with struggle and tears and pain and anxiety. Even the best of things are hard.

And this is the most important thing I am learning - The hard and the beautiful are not at odds with one another. Hard is not the opposite of beautiful. Challenging is not the opposite of good. It is possible for life to be simultaneously hard and painful and beautiful and sweet and scary... and all of these together make life Good.

With something as complex and intricate as living, all of these elements and emotions can be woven together to create a Good work. All is grace, and we can courageously open our hands to receive it. Every single part of it. And it is Good.

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