Friday, October 9, 2015

31 Days of Open Grace - Day 9

Five Minute Friday - Trust


We meet in the coffee shop and it's like no time has passed even though we haven't see each other in four years. She tells the amazing stories of how God has opened doors for dreams to come true and fantastic new adventures. And my fiance and I tell the story of how we met and all that God has been doing up to this point. I remember the days we used to walk the trail around campus after dinner, talking about our dreams and our hopes and sometimes our brokenness and our wrestling matches with God and life and I have to smile. This is what life is supposed to look like.

Because the only way to really trust is to remember what God has done. And coffee shops are always those places for me. Not because of anything in particular in the coffee but because that is the place where I meet those kindred spirits and it is where the work of God becomes so evident as we tell our stories. Because I need to remember my stories and I need to hear hers, because I don't feel all the time the way I do when I'm in the middle of watching God do something awesome. I don't always feel like I do when things are so clear and the Knowing just takes over and the Spirit is moving swift and beautiful in and through me. But hearing her stories and telling mine, that is how I remember that He is worthy of trust and that is how I get the strength to keep on pressing on.


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