Sunday, October 12, 2014

31 Days of Trusting Grace - Day 12 - A Prayer for the Week

Lord, there are moments on this earth when gravity pulls hard and we feel weighted down.  There are moments when our hearts and our burdens feel heavy and we feel so weak.  But then there are moments, Lord, when we can get lost in the Art and the Beauty, when grace feels so near in the smallest of details.  There are moments when the butterflies alight on the flowers and sip the nectar sweet and the wings open.  Will you take me there this week, Father?  Will you open my eyes to see the flowers?  Will you give me the courage to open the wings and let the sweetness of life linger on my lips?

Because, God, those moments, they remind us that there is more.  There is more than the pain of the waiting, the ache of longings unfulfilled, and the sting of brokenness that we experience here.  There is more than the joy of new life, the breathlessness of beauty, and the sweetness of fellowship that we experience here.  God, you have so much more waiting for us.  And God, I want to live in that.  I want to feel all of it.  I don't want to rush through so I can skip the pain, or try and linger too long so I can keep the Beauty.  I want to walk this life exactly as you intend - with hands wide open to receive the joy and the sorrow, the celebration and the suffering.  Because you are present in it all!

We ask for courage this week.
We ask for faith.
We ask for open hands, open hearts, and open eyes.
We ask for you to teach lead us to a place where our trust is fully grounded in you, and only you, even if the path is full of hardship and trial.
We long for you.
Where you go, let us follow, for you are our God!

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