Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of Trusting Grace - Day 2 - Every Blazing Sunrise

I'll say it straight out.  I sometimes battle with anxiety.  Normally I'm fine, but there are some days when I struggle to catch my breath and everything feels tight and I have this unnameable fear that I might drown.  There will definitely be more on that later... what this proverbial thorn in my side has meant to my journey with God and how it has shaped me.  Today, though, I just want to touch on this: the greatest insight into battling anxiety that anyone has ever given me.  I pray it brings life and light for someone.

Anxiety is a defensive reaction of your body in moments when you feel overwhelmed or in danger (like when a recovering perfectionist feels like she just can't hold it all together anymore).  With that in mind, I have learned to fight anxiety by reminding my body that I am safe, secure, held and the beloved of God.  I need no other defense.  This is indeed a full on fight, and there are times when it feels like it's just too much, times when I am desperate for a reminder.  This poem comes from one of those times.  It blows my mind that no matter how much I struggle, or how weak I feel, He is faithful and lavish in His loving providence. I can trust Him.

Every Blazing Sunrise

I can't decide
If I'm just stuck in soul's dark night
Or if I've actually gone blind
And the thought, it terrifies
I can feel the ropes that bind
Tightening again
Just like the fists that clench
And I try to catch my breath
I have no strength left
To fight
Can I do it all again?
Just one more time?
Turn these weary eyes
Toward the eastern sky
And hope... just hope
To catch the breaking light

And every blazing sunrise
Is tinged with the blood of Christ
Singing symphonies of grace
And a God mighty to save
Every blazing sunrise
Means heaven's breaking bright
Means I'm still alive
And all will be made right
On the other side
Every blazing sunrise
Burns away these ropes that bind
The reign of darkness
And of night
It ends
Oh, yes, it ends
With every blazing sunrise

Stephanie M. Frakes
September 24, 2014

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Bob said...

Beautiful. And as you know regarding too.