Sunday, October 19, 2014

31 Days of Trusting Grace - Day 19 - A Prayer for the Week

Lord, sometimes it feels like we're just barely keeping our head above water.  Like no matter how hard we try not to, we always have more plates spinning than we can manage.  We try to live simply, to make space, but sometimes we find ourselves right in the middle of the rush, and it's hard to see from here, God.  It's hard to see how we can be like You.  It's hard to see the Beauty.  It's hard to see the opportunities to love.  It's hard to see the gifts.  It's hard to breathe.

So God, this week, will you breathe for us?  Will you breathe peace into our anxieties?  Will you breathe hope into our pain?  Will you breathe love into our fear?  Will you breathe strength into our weakness?  Lord, will you teach us how to stop, even just for a moment, and exhale?

That's all this week, God.  When we can't breathe, breathe for us.  

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