Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Days of Trusting Grace - Day 3 - FMF: New

It's Five Minute Fridiay!  One word.  Five minutes.  No proof reading (I always break that rule...).  This week's prompt is: New.


We were having dinner by this beautiful stream in the mountains of New Mexico, this precious high school graduate and I.  We had just met at the beginning of the week, but there was an instant kinship between us.  The kind of kinship that frees the flow of Spirit.  We were talking about her coming journey into college, and the words came out before I even realized what I was saying.  

You know, God is all about new things.  Like breathing air or running water.  Think of how many times it says in Scripture to sing new songs, that there is a new covenant, that we are new creations, that He is doing a new work among us.  God is all about new, so I think... Well, I think that when we dive into new experiences, when we are in seasons of newness we find ourselves in a thin space.  We find ourselves in this sacred place where Heaven is just a little bit closer, and we experience God in a deeper and more powerful way.

I didn't know God would prove those words in my own life over the next month or so.  So many new things on the horizon soon after that dinner.  Two new jobs, a new house, just a whole new season, all waiting for me when I got home from that week in the mountains.  And you know what?  It has been a sacred season.


There is a vulnerability to the new, but there is so much joy in the experience of God in that place.


Missing Mikayla said...

Hello, FMF neighbor!

Thank you for sharing - I agree that there can be such blessing and closeness in the newness if we let ourselves find it and don't let fears of the unknown overshadow the glimpses of God working in and through our lives.

Things Are Looking U.P. said...

I love your words ... "when we are in seasons of newness we find ourselves in a thin space. ... we experience God in a deeper and more powerful way." That is exactly where I am right now ... and in the vulnerability ... there is also His comfort.

Teresa said...

I am visiting from FMF! All this discussion about new makes me want to start anew. Your home reminds me of the little town in Oklahoma I would go to when visiting my grandparents every summer.